Our story

Ap Italy srl was born in 2008 as a natural process of expansion and transformation of the mining activity started at the end of the 60’s by a part of the pioneers of Marmi Orosei.

At the beginning only as a commercial activity, in the last years it has developed also as a real quarry activity. The members of Ap Italy, being deep connoisseurs of the dynamics and techniques of extraction, have opened several quarries in the world and more precisely:

Orosei – Alma marble quarry

Brazil quarry of Verde Smeraldo

Bulgaria quarry of Vratza

China quarry of Grigio Tempesta

China Onyx quarry

Italy Botticino quarry

Italy Basalt quarry (Sardinia)

Italy Purple Trachite quarry (Sardinia)

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blocco ap (1)
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Taglio Diamantato
Fronte Cave



In order to obtain the best business performance, it is essential to have a medium/long term Vision of the company.

This VISION must be conceived and created by the partners, analyzed and improved with their collaborators and finally shared and realized with the participation of the reference market, with particular attention to our customers, suppliers and all the entities we interact with every day.

Our VISION cannot disregard the respect for nature and the eco-sustainability of the project.


Nature creates excitement

In the past, stone processing techniques were too impactful and did not take environmental issues into account. We must be pioneers of an epoch-making change that is already underway in the political choices of the Western world. It is essential to live GREEN.

Our vision for tomorrow is an alignment of the values of respect for nature, with policies that allow us to have a complete and total environmental sustainability of our production process.

Convey positive emotions, explain the TRUE VALUE of natural stone.

It took 275 million years for nature to shape a product/jewel that our ancestors discovered. We must have the responsibility to extract (take), shape (work) and value (sell) a product given to us by Mother Nature.