Our micronisation system allows us to reuse 98% material,  extracted from the quarry. The “Micronised Calcium Carbonate” is a “non-metallic mineral with a very tiny crystalline rhombohedral structure, pure over 98% which is micronised in the Orosei system with the use of different grinding techniques, obtaining particle in a range from 5 to 200 microns.

Calcium Carbonate is widely used, thanks to its eco-compatible properties, being free of harmful substances.

Uses of Calcium Carbonate

Bio Construction

Micronized products used for the preparation of high quality premixes for plasters. Construction products, Production of lime


The filler has the ability to make the flooring much more resistant to high temperatures and consequently does not crack very easily; It also reduces oxidation, increasing the life of the flooring and facilitating its flexibility.

Feed production

Our calcium carbonate is used as an additive in the production of feed and supplements for animal nutrition.

Organic farming

The use of calcium carbonate as aggregated, protects fruit and olive trees. In viticulture it used to fight against parasites and excessive heat. It is also used for the pH correction of acid ground.

Major Projects

The finely ground limestone is used for the concrete manufacture. Thanks to their granulometry they are used as very fine aggregates which occupates the free spaces between cement granules, making the cement matrix highly compact and resistant.

Pharmaceutical sector

Pills production and fertilizers.

Water purification and Liming

Drinking water treatment and liming operations in forests and lakes. Neutralization of acid rain

Pollution reduction

The "desulphurization" system represents one of the many techniques to reduce the atmospheric emissions of sulfur oxides resulting from the combustion process of coal-fired power plants. This system provides for the conversion of calcium carbonate into calcium sulphate, in order to reduce the sulfur content of the combustion pollution.